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IGNITE BY LAZE offers clients a custom welded jewelry experience. Whether you're gifting this to a partner, celebrating with a bridal party, having a mother/daughter outing or wanting to upgrade your BFF bracelets, IGNITE BY LAZE is the perfect option for a unique and memorable memento that lasts a lifetime!

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These custom welded chains are 14K gold filled. This process involves two sheets of solid karat gold being bonded over a brass core. This makes for an extremely durable product that can indeed last a lifetime. Please refer to our after care and FAQ below to ensure the desired longevity of your chain is met.

We offer a wide range of chain options in solid gold, gold filled and sterling silver.

Our sterling silver chains are made in Italy. 


Please note that we do offer more chains at the studio than listed below.

All chains are final sale. 

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  • I have an upcoming surgery, will I need to remove my chain?
    Yes. If you have a surgery or MRI, you will need to remove the chain. Come back in to see us after to have your chain re-welded :)
  • Does my chain have to be permanent?
    No! We can add a clasp to your chain and that way, you can take it on and off as you please!
  • Can I wear my chain through airport security?
    YES. You can absolutely wear your chain through airport security :)
  • Can I wear my chain in a hot tub?
    To maximize the longevity of your chain, we do not recommend submerging the chain in a hot tub due to the chemicals.
  • Can I remove my chain?
    YES. You can most definitely remove your chain and come back in to see us to re-weld it for you :)


After care starts with being mindful and careful with your new jewelry. Avoiding harsh chemicals is always best. Taking proper care of your chain will only benefit its appearance down the road. Please refer to the after care instructions below based on your specific chain type:

14K Gold - Our gold chains are solid metal but are still rather delicate based on the nature of the material. Periodic gentle polishing will help ensure your chain is always looking it's best! Please avoid all chemical solutions when cleaning your chain.


Sterling Silver - These chains require little care but may start to darken as time goes on. A bit of polishing will revive your chain and have it looking brand new again!  


As mentioned before, prolonging the life of your chain is what we're all about! Avoiding the known irritants below will help you achieve this:


Hot Tubs

Harsh Environments


Oils or other Makeup Products


Nail Polish Remover

Cleaning Products


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IGNITE would love to be apart of your special forever jewelry experience.

Please use the link below to book your appointment today!

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