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  • I have an upcoming surgery, will I need to remove my chain?
    Yes. If you have a surgery or MRI, you will need to remove the chain. Come back in to see us after to have your chain re-welded :)
  • Does my chain have to be permanent?
    No! We can add a clasp to your chain and that way, you can take it on and off as you please!
  • Can I wear my chain through airport security?
    YES. You can absolutely wear your chain through airport security :)
  • Can I wear my chain in a hot tub?
    To maximize the longevity of your chain, we do not recommend submerging the chain in a hot tub due to the chemicals.
  • Can I remove my chain?
    YES. You can most definitely remove your chain and come back in to see us to re-weld it for you :)
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